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BandMix Review – Release

BandMix.com Establishes Musician Finding Community; Creates Single Voice for Local Musicians.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — October 22, 2006 — BandMix.com, released in 2002, has acquired nearly 200,000 musically talented members in the United States as a part of its goal to bring truly valuable services to musicians searching to expand their talents. As a proven leader in online music services, BandMix.com’s profiles means hundreds of thousands of possibilities to connect musicians, in an effort to unify local talent. BandMix.com estimates it is responsible for matching thousands of musicians with each other.

Founder of BandMix.com and musician, David H. Sales, said “I started BandMix as a way to find local musicians, knowing the difficulties of finding talent with similar interests and style.” Sales also went on to describe his love of music and the need to find other “true enthusiasts” that shared the same view. Though BandMix.com was started for local needs, the response was nearly overwhelming for the musician. “I found that the site had more to offer, and I knew it was time to make it available to the rest of Tennessee,” Sales said.

BandMix.com grew quickly in East Tennessee, and soon found an audience outside of the state. Sales said, “We found ourselves struggling to keep up as a number of musicians outside of our state were signing up.” BandMix swiftly grew across the country, ultimately drawing membership from across all fifty states, and into the small American towns. “We hope to keep reaching the undiscovered talent and helping to make them better,” Sales said.

BandMix is currently expanding their reach across the United States, but has also discovered a need across the globe. In October of 2005, BandMix launched a UK and Canadian version in separate sites that incorporate the BandMix name. Plans for an Australian site are already in the works. “Musicians share the same goals no matter where they are from, so we are excited about reaching out to those across the world,” said Sales.

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